Customer Engagement Solution for Retailers

Engage your customers regularly with loyalty program and increase business

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement strategy is no more a luxury for the retailers. Customers have become so demanding and unpredictable that, if they are not engaged in regular intervals, they might shift to your competitors.

Customer engagement is not always directly related to revenue enhancement, but its all bout value creation. What value you pass it on the customer, either in material or in purely perceived value.

We at Lytty, help retailers to effectively connect with their customers in real time, with a clear understanding on the profile of the customers. Our team of Retail experts will create a strategy to engage your customers which will help you increase your customer satisfaction and profitability.


Know your customer

360 degree view of your customers


Guage Satisfaction level

Get Customer satisfaction feed on every purchase, with just an SMS


Retain & Grow multi fold

Retain your valued customers and acquire new customers to increase your top line


How it works

Import your sales data

(or connect with APls)

Define workflows

for Customer satisfaction and profile updatin

Customer Sgementation

Segment your customers high value and low value etc.,

Run Campaign

Upsell/cross sell/retain


View-how your business performs graphically

Know your customers more from one screen

View 360 Degree view of customers, their Demographic details , Satisfaction level, purchasing patterns, History of interaction etc.