Welcome to the world of Omni channel Loyalty

Know how LYTTY can be used as Omni channel loyalty program to connect to Physical POS or Ecommerce.

Omni channel Loyalty


Connecting to consumers is key to creating customer loyalty — but it's much harder to achieve, especially when so many brands are competing for consumers' attention.

Market demands that , your customers are being served at any of your touch points no matter you are offline or online. How do you become omni ? Can you be everywhere—omnipresent ? . Yes, you can, and In fact, the 21st century shopper expects it.

Welcome to the world of omni channel loyalty.

With Lytty – an omni channel Customer Engagement tool, you can give seamless experience to your customers, no matter if they purchase from your exclusive branded outlet or your online portal. Lytty is equipped with all the required features to know your customers from any of your touch points and will enable your customers to add and redeem their valuable points.

Why you should consider to opt for Omni-channel loyalty program for your organisation ?

  • Increase – business and secure new customers
  • Drive incremental sales from existing customers
  • Reduce attrition
  • Maximise marketing effectiveness
  • Leverage data
  • Build loyalty

Loyal customers are repeat customers. IDC (an international data corporation focusing on market intelligence advisory service etc.) Data, shows that multi-channel customers spend 15% to 30% more than single-channel customers.

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