Lytty works seamlessly with your Retail POS or Ecommerce

Know how easy to manage your loyalty with Lytty for Point of Sales or Ecommerce

How it works

Lytty is a comprehensive Customer Engagement Application on cloud specifically designed for Growing Organisations.
Loyal customers are always your brand ambassadors. Why cant you recognise them in a proper way ?


Build Trust

Trusted Brands are preceived as honest, ethical,
believable and possessed high integrity.


Build Commitment

Consumers are commited to relationship thet
perceive as important and worthwhile, and
when they perceived that brands are
dedicated to them


Build Reciprocity

Consumers value brand relationship
that are mutual,rewarding and based
on concerned understanding

Loyalty is all about earning customers' trust as a shopper and retain them
Start your loyalty program today !.

Get Started

1.Start your Lytty with simple step registration and configuration

  • Merchant Registration

    Just start by registering in to LYTTY – with a simple registration process.

  • Create loyalty Program

    Start creating your loyalty program in the LYTTY platform – and setup
    the point accumulation and redemption rules.

  • Import Customer List

    Just import your segmented customer list with single click

  • Integrate with POS or Ecommerce

    Easily integrate LYTTY with your online POS or Ecommerce store with a set of APIs.

  • Get Started

2.Start your loyalty program straight away.

Loyatly programs can be initiated right away after setting up. After you have informed about the loyalty program to your customers, the unique ID can be shared to them. Customers can come to your physical store or Ecommerce store, where the LYTTY is integrated, they can use the loyalty program to Accumulate or Redeem the points to Amount.

If you have multiple stores , you can create different Integration APIs easily and just start using it.

If you have Ecommerce store, it can be seamlessly integrated with Lytty, that customers can be informed about their point status on real time.

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3.Analyse your customer purchase behavior

Know how your Loyalty program performs – with different dashboards. Loyalty performance can be analysed in detail on who is your top loyal customers , and you can also check if purchase value increases when redeeming or accumulation of points through loyalty. Get indepth analysis of your customer purchase behaviour .

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Omni channel Integration

Seamlessly Integrate Lytty with your Cloud based POS / your Ecommerce sites etc., with simple APIs